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We had our annual fun game against the British legion on Sunday the 7th August.  In the end, we had 5 full rinks and about 50 persons at the club. It was neck and neck for most of the afternoon, but Ventnor managed more pints than the legion. It was a blazing day and it was good that the Bar never ran out of beer. Oh yes, Ventnor managed to win the bowls! - Full report in Colin's newsletter below


Once again, a mixed bag of league results. It appears nobody needs the practice any more - last  Wednesday's practice and roll up produced EXACTLY 4 PERSONS! This is not good! If you feel that you are brilliant and when the Weekly match comes around, you feel invincible and produce a poor game, maybe this has something to do with it!

Gary Player, one of the Worlds best golfers and  multiple trophy winner, used to say " The more I practice, the luckier I get" - something to think about as you lose another match.


We have had our first Quiz night on last Friday. Around some 40  took part and even had some faces there we have never seen before! An excellent quizmaster with some tricky questions, and good all round banter. - Wow, some of us are really competitive! and I must mention our secretary John Hawkes and his wife, Sonja, who came a creditable 2nd and there was only those two in their team!!!! Others had 6! The next time there will only be bowlers (members) and their partners - (no ringers)

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Tourist Matches

Tuesday May 24th   

Chepstow Bowls Club                 6 Mixed

Monday June 6th

W Middlesex Tourists               6 Mixed

Tuesday August 23rd    

Caer Glow Bowls Club                   6/7 Mixed

Wednesday  August 31st   

Gildredge Park Bowls Club        6 Mixed

Thursday September 1st   

Lionmede Bowls Club      (Greys)  6 Triples  

Friday September 2nd     

Royal Household Tour                 6 Mixed

Friday September 9th   

 Loughborough Bowls Club        6 Mixed

Sunday September 11th    

Shaftsbury Bowls Club                 6 Mixed

Thursday September 15th  

Oxford Town & Gown                    6 Mixed

Saturday September 17th

    Beaufort Bowls Club               6 Men

Saturday September 25th

Byfleet Bowling Club                     6 Mixed

Sunday September 25th   

Royal Sovereign Bowls Club         7 Mixed

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